Socialisation for puppies

Packages available from £35/week


Socialise, socialise, socialise. It is all we hear about and for a good reason. The first few weeks and months of a puppy’s life have the biggest impact on their lifes. All you need to do is to meet a fair amount of friendly dogs/puppies (and people, cars, train, tube, bus, noises and basically everything that is out there..) in a positive and conscious way. It can sound a little overwhelming, but we are here to help you with the doggie bit.

Your puppy will hang out with other puppies and some adult dogs to learn how to play, meet and greet with all sorts of other breeds in a supervised and positive manner. Our dedication and 5 years experience and knowledge in raising and soicalising puppies ensures a safe and loving environment.

  • For small/medium puppies up to 6 months
  • A lot of playtime and naptime
  • Sensory games/tunnels/puzzle games
  • Short walks throughout the day
  • Frequent ‘pupdates’ pictures and videos in Google photos album
  • Plenty of cuddles 🙂
  • Open weekdays 8.30-5.30
  • Convenient and easy online client platform for bookings and payment

Pick up/Drop off service is available